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We are

a non-profit organization of passionate surfers and world explorers cleaning beaches and recycling plastic into cool products to pay for more beach cleanings.

Pure Oceans clean 5 km of beach every 2 weeks, removing serious amounts af trash from Sri Lankan beaches.

The plastic we collect is cleaned and recycled into cool products such as sunglasses you can buy as a way to support our efforts, just check out the shop to support our efforts.

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Who we are
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The Sri Lanka clean-up

Sri Lanka is just one of many developing countries with inadequate waste management systems resulting in hundreds of tons of plastic entering the ocean every year.

Our new Sri Lankan team has cleared more than a ton of trash from several beaches and more beach cleanings are planned.

You can help our beach cleaning project in Sri Lanka by preordering our 100% ocean plastic iPhone from the shop.

Clean Sri Lanka
Cash for Trash

Our Beach Cleaning 


When you purchase one of our products you help us cleaning more beaches.

For very iPhone cover you purchase we can clean 1 km of beach in Sri Lanka


Plastic free oceans means keeping plastic from entering the oceans in the first place.

We keep beaches clean while recycling  the plastic from the trash we collect.

Turning recycled plastic into products allows us to put money back to the local economy and start cleaning more beaches


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Clean beach for trash
Recycle plastic
Smartphone cover
Turn trash to products
Clean more beaches
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The story behind

Pure Oceans is an NGO founded by Michael Keller and Lillan Spiertz both passionate surfers and world travellers with a special love for beaches.

As former residents of Hawaii we experienced first hand how plastic from the Pacific ocean would wash up on the beaches and destroy marine life - not even the most secluded islands on the globe would go untouched by plastic pollution.

When we travelled the world we would find plastic polluted beaches in every country visited.

On Bali we would littereally catch more plastic than fish when we went fishing.

During a beach walk on Sri Lanka we would look at the amounts of trash we passed wondering what it would take for someone to just pick it up and get  a clean beach and cleaner ocean. That gave us the idea to recycle plastic trash to fund beach cleanings and Pure Oceans was founded.

The Story Behind

Meet The Team

Michael Keller Joergensen

Michael Keller Joergensen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder and Chief Beach Cleaner at Pure Oceans

Lillan Spiertz

Lillan Spiertz

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-Founder, Tech-Guru and

Chief Beach Cleaner Denmark

Jakob Noerlev

Jakob Noerlev

Pure Oceans Ambassador

Gets our stuff to your shop

Kenneth Pinsker

Kenneth Pinsker

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-founder Pure Oceans Sri Lanka and Chief Beach Cleaner

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Phone:     +45 5381 5392

Address:   AC Mollersvej 20

                 7100 Vejle Denmark

CVR:         39805456

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